I would like to...
  • come for worship
  • talk about faith
  • come for fellowship
  • reach out to others
  • bring my children

Come for Worship

Our corporate worship, accented by fine music and preaching and the active involvement of lay people in leadership roles, is the core of our parish life.

Attend our online services anytime!


Talk About Faith/Bible

Join us for online and outdoor in-person adult faith education opportunities including small groups for those interested in exploring common interests.


Come for Fellowship

Day-Tripper excursions are designed for those with flexible schedules. If can recall the Beatles 1965 song, you might be a Day-Tripper.

The 20s & 30s Group at St. John's is a ministry for young adults, both singles and couples, in their 20s and 30s.


Reach Out to Others

St. John's is passionate about serving others... we want to help you find your areas of service and impact.

Learn about the many opportunities to serve others.


Bring My Children

We have online and outdoor in-person offerings for the whole family, including for children and youth Preschool–12 Grade.