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Music Fund

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The Music Fund provides special music as a supplement to our regular music during Sunday worship.

Brass and timpani on Palm Sunday and Easter, woodwinds or strings at Christmas, saxophone, string bass, and trumpet for Jazz Sunday, and brass for Confirmation, Commitment Sunday, and other special occasions are all made possible by designated gifts to the Music Fund.

The inclusion of major works in the evenings of All Saints' Sunday in early November and Good Friday depend upon the generosity of parishioners who believe that music speaks to the human spirit in sacred ways.  While the operating budget includes funds for staff salaries, organ maintenance, and the support of our choirs for youth and adults, the Music Fund adds the extra flourishes that mean so much to our congregation.

If you value the music on these occasions, please consider a gift now.  The cost of instrumentalists ranges from $600 to almost $4,000 depending on the occasion. Be a Friend of Music and consider a gift of an entire service or a contribution toward the partial cost of a musician.

St. John’s Church, widely appreciated for sacred music, can only offer this special music through the generosity of people like you.