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International Outreach

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Partnership in the Dominican Republic
St. John’s has been in partnership with Iglesia San Gabriel in Consuelo since 2002. At the request of the bishop of the Dominican Republic and in response to a 30% unemployment rate in that area, we funded and participated in the construction of the Bob and Ellen Snow Technical School. This is the first Episcopal school of its kind in the Diocese, and we hope that lessons learned here will benefit other Diocesan technical schools currently under construction. The school has classes in hair and nail salon operations, secretarial skills, and other skills needed for productive jobs.

St. John’s conducts annual Mission trips to Consuelo, to assist in construction, repair and maintenance of the trade school facility, and to participate in a Vacation Bible School for elementary school aged children. Teenagers, college students and adult parishioners participate in a year-long orientation in preparation for the trips.

2018 Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic
This summer’s mission trip to Iglesia San Gabriel in Consuelo, Dominican Republic is July 7–14. We are gratified that our relationships and partnership with the clergy, staff, and parishioners of Iglesia San Gabriel have increased in strength and depth over the past several years as we have nurtured our bonds of fellowship during annual mission trips.


Through the Missions Committee, the congregation is involved in outreach around the world.

Reaching the World’s Poorest
Beginning in 2007, St. John’s made a yearly commitment to discern the needs of the global poor and to research and support organizations that seek to meet these needs. We aligned our efforts with the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)program, which aimed to reduce poverty, hunger and disease, foster maternal and child health, broaden educational and employment opportunities, and enlist global cooperation to sustain these efforts.

Educating the parish by means of presentations and informative articles in church publications, and capped by a Gifts for Life Fair each Palm Sunday, a dedicated committee raised awareness and financial support for groups and initiatives such as:

  • Episcopal Relief & Development (Nicaragua; Afghanistan; Haiti; Nets for Life in Africa)
  • Farmland for Women in Madagascar
  • The Bob and Ellen Snow Vocational School in the Dominican Republic
  • An Outpatient Clinic in Tanzania
  • Medika Mamba in Haiti (medicine and food for children)
  • The Swawou Elementary School for Girls in Sierra Leone
  • The Neonatology Unit of Ruhengeri Hospital in Rwanda
  • A Water Pump and Bakery Mixer for Nuevo Progreso, Mexico
  • Water for People in Honduras

A small group of Missions Committee members and others is exploring ways to continue St. John's efforts to help the poorest of the poor. If you would like to join the discussion, contact Gilliam Spooner through the Parish Office, 703-356-4902.


Syrian Refugee Crisis
The Missions Committee suggests a few ways you can assist some of the more than ten million Syrian Refugees:

  • Purchase the cookbook, Soup for Syria: Recipes to Celebrate our Common Humanity. Eighty acclaimed chefs and cookbook authors have contributed to this cookbook, illustrated with beautiful photographs; all profits from purchases made through the link below will be donated to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations agency charged with caring for and finding solutions for the world’s refugees. You can preview the cookbook and place your order online here ($30, same price as at
  • Donate to Episcopal Relief & Development’s Syria Crisis Response Fund. ERD is collaborating  with other agencies to provide food and medical support especially to refugees on Greek islands transiting to mainland Europe, in reception centers in Greece, and outreach to tent communities is several European countries. Visit the Episcopal Relief & Development website.