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Adult Forum

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Adult Forums take place Sundays in Shears Hall following the 9:00 am service.


The Alfred St. John Matthews Lent Series 2018

Download the printable Series Schedule HERE.
Please sign up HERE to provide a dish so there is food for all.

Adult Forum Lent Series:

10:15–11:00 am in Shears Hall

  • February 18: Lent 1 - Creation
  • February 25: Lent 2 - Refugees
  • March 4: Lent 3 - Justice
  • March 11: Lent 4 - Opioid Addiction
  • March 18: Lent 5 - Poverty

Wednesday Evening for Adults:

 6:00–6:30 pm Supper; 6:30–7:30 pm Program in Shears Hall

After a simple meal, in a program led by various experts, adults will further explore and unpack in a more practical and concrete fashion the issue of our day that was discussed in the preceding Sunday’s forum.

  • February 21: Creation
  • February 28: Refugees
  • March 7: Justice
  • March 14: Opioid Addiction
  • March 21: Poverty

Wednesday Evening for Children:

 6:00–6:30 pm Supper; 6:30–7:30 pm Program in Children’s Chapel

After a simple meal, in a program led by Whitney Wolf, children will learn about issues of our time through creative hands-on activities.

  • February 21: Lenten Promises Collage
  • February 28: Refugee Doll Project
  • March 7: Stations of the Cross
  • March 14: Lenten Trivia
  • March 21 NYC: Midnight Run Bag Prep

All children and youth are welcome.



Lent Series: Lent 1
February 18

Led by Catherin Marzin and the Reverend Kristine Johnson

We will discuss the theology of creation and the place of humanity in creation, explore the Church’s teachings on our care of creation, and learn about some of the contemporary issues facing our community and our world.



Lent Series: Lent 2
February 25

Led by Rod Page

Scripture commands us to do the work of God by welcoming strangers and loving them as God loves us. In the second week of the Lenten series, we will explore the meaning of this Christian imperative today, in a world experiencing a refugee crisis and a nation confronting difficult issues of immigration policy. The conversation will focus on how we respond as individual Christians to strangers in our midst, using examples of how local Christian communities have assisted immigrants and newly arrived refugees. 



Lent Series: Lent 3
March 4

Led by the Reverend Justin Ivatts

Come and explore the biblical and theological underpinnings for justice as it relates to criminal justice. We will explore Restoration versus Retribution and how we can best live out the message of the Gospel while maintaining a well-ordered society.


Opioid Addiction 

Lent Series: Lent 4
March 11

Led by Dr. Doug Figg and the Reverend Ed Miller

Opioid addition has become a major public health concern in the US. Two million Americans have a substance use disorder involving prescription pain relievers. Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the US, and has risen dramatically over the past 10 years (more than 64,000 died of overdoses in 2017). We will explore the medical and social issues surrounding opioid addiction and discuss the difficulty of treating this national crisis. We will also discuss the role of religion in our health and well-being and in recovering from addictions. 



Lent Series: Lent 5
March 18

Led by The Reverend Kristine Johnson and Margi Vanderhye

More than 10% of Virginians live below the poverty level. Among the most vulnerable populations are children, adults over 85, and people with disabilities. As Christians with many biblical references about charity and compassion as our guide, how are we being called to respond to those in need? Why does poverty persist, and what will it take to offer not just a handout, or even a hand up, but rather a long term solution to this chronic problem?