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Drive of the Month

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March Drive of the Month

Miscellaneous Supplies for the Falls Church-McLean Children’s Center

This month St. John’s will collect miscellaneous supplies for our friends at the Falls Church-McLean Children’s Center (FCMLCC).  FCMLCC provides a comprehensive, high-quality early childhood program designed to give all young children, regardless of their family’s economic resources, a strong foundation on which to build the rest of their lives.  Here are items they use on a daily basis, and are in great need of (this is a clarified and updated list from last year):

Lunch Supplies – Eco friendly disposable materials i.e. recyclable or compostable where possible which can withstand some liquid:

  • Packages of plates with dividers or flat
  • Packages of 5” bowls
  • Medium forks
  • Medium spoons
  • 5 oz. drinking cups
  • Boxes of tissues
  • Ziploc bags in gallon and jumbo sizes
  • Scotch-brite or regular sponges
  • Clorox bleach, 12 oz bottles
  • Aluminum foil

Art Supplies:

  • Colored construction paper
  • Large, washable markers
  • Glitter and/or colored sand
  • Finger paint paper and/or watercolor paper
  • Tacky glue—5 large bottles
  • Little pom poms and/or goggly eyes
  • Wooden crafts that children can paint
  • Stickers of any theme…animals, flowers, vehicles, etc. Kids love them all.

Other Supplies:

  • Hot plate with one or two large electric burners
  • 2 gallon soup pot
  • Small stainless steel serving spoons and ladles, 7–9,” 4 each
  • Plastic spatulas
  • 3 wooden spoons
  • 5  sets of food coloring

The Children’s Center thanks us very much for being one of our Drives of the Month.