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Harvest Gatherings

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Harvest Gatherings:
An Opportunity for Fellowship this Fall

Please join us for a Harvest Gathering which is a simple potluck dinner that is most often held in a parishioner’s home. All adult St. John’s Church parishioners are invited to attend a Harvest Gathering.

Who hosts the Harvest Gatherings?
St. John’s parishioners open their homes for the Harvest Gatherings. Usually there is a group of about 25 people at each Gathering. The Harvest Gatherings are sponsored by the Parish Life Committee and the Stewardship Committee.

What are the dates of the Harvest Gatherings?

  • Friday, October 13 - evening
  • Saturday, October 14 - evening
  • Sunday, October 15 - 12:30 pm
  • Friday, October 20 - evening
  • Saturday, October 21 - evening

How do I sign up for a Harvest Gathering?
Response cards are available in the church pews and in the Parish Office or you may choose a date and register online HERE.

Please drop off your response card at the Parish Office or register online by Sunday, October 8. You will be contacted with the location of your Gathering, and the host/hostess will let you know what dish you can bring. Additionally, online signup will be available below. 

Why should you come to a Harvest Gathering?
Come to meet new and old parishioners at St. John’s Church. This is a great opportunity for fellowship and fun! If you have questions, please contact Stefanie Stayin through the Parish Office, 703-356-4902.