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St. John's Church Emporium

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St. John's Church Emporium is Open for Holiday Shopping!

The Emporium is closing at the end of the year!

Happy and convenient Christmas shopping is available at the St. John’s Emporium this Sunday.  Purchasers can snap up the remaining 3 tote bags, 2 key fobs, 2 dog collars & 2 leashes, and smaller, children sized T-shirts.  At $15, these make great stocking stuffers. Questions? Please contact Deborah Page through the Parish Office at 703-356-4902. 

  • Dog Collar $26
  • Dog leashes $34
  • Flip Flops $48
  • Zippered Tote Bag $85
  • Bottle Tote Bag $75
  • Key Fobs $14